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Distinct Horizon develops breakthrough technologies to DOUBLE the profits of marginalised farmers across the developing world & INCREASE FOOD PRODUCTION, while protecting the ever degrading ENVIRONMENT.


DH Vriddhi

An effective tool for doubling farming incomes while reducing chemicals & environmental damage


Benefits of DH Vriddhi


2X Farmer Profits

Our results across 6 states of India in paddy have ranged from 10% to 60% productivity increase. Leading to an average additional profit of INR 20,000 per Hectare per season (doubling their profits)!

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Climate Protection

- Reduction of 0.5 MT of CO2eq of GHG emissions per Ha per Season (potential to reduce 3% of India's total GHG emissions)

- Almost eliminates water pollution by fertilizer run-off; reduces leaching

- Builds soil health

Reduction in Chemical Fertilizers

Conventional method of urea broadcasting leads to 70% wastage and pollutes the environment.

Our technology (based on the widely tested Urea Deep Placement technique) leads to 40% reduction in urea dosage.

Fertilizer Delivery

Other Benefits

- Entrepreneurs breakeven with DH Vriddhi in 1 year

- Crop health & resistance are significantly improved

- Only one time application of urea is necessary




Technology Design

Tata Chemicals

Fertilizer expertise, scientific & initial fieldvalidation

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Market Research

Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Technology Spread

Dr Reddy's Foundation

Technology Spread

US-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund



Incubation & Scientific Mentoring

International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC, USA)

Scientific Mentoring & Technology Spread

Marico Innovation Foundation



Awards & Recognition

GSC 3S Awards,
New York

2nd Prize Globally for major contribution to SDGs

USISTEF Grant Award

US - India Science & Technology Endowment Fund. Awarded annually to 3-4 teams across US & India

Global Top 20 Future Creators of 2017

Distinct Horizon recognised in the Global Top 20 by PitchShare, UK

Best Indian Social Entreprise

Awarded by AFI at ISB Hyderabad, 2019

Food Loss Challenge Asia by Rabobank

Top 20 in Asia

Awarded the National Agripreneurs Award, 2017

By Entrepreneurship Association of India & Holland

Wharton India Startup Challenge


2nd prize @ Technology Showcase, IKMC

International Knowledge Millennium Conference by IKP, DuPont & USP

Top 5 AgTech startups

by CII, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Social Alpha @ the Advanced Technology Program in Agriculture, 2019


Openings at Distinct Horizon

We're always looking for passionate and energetic individuals. So reach out to us if you feel you have it in you, are eager to learn & grow fast and want to have a big social impact!


Sales & Marketing (Multiple positions)

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